Ruth B. – Superficial Love

Ruth B.’s catchy song “Superficial Love” has been buzzing on Spotify for a while now. The 21 year old Canadian is the new sensation!

I was mad when I wrote “Superficial Love.” It was right in the heat of the moment—angry, annoyed, really annoyed, and just frustrated.

When all of this started happening for me, the whole music thing, a lot of people from my past started reaching out, pretending they were my friend. The whole “Remember when we did a project together in second grade?” Those kind of texts were coming in. There was this one boy in particular who was in my history class. Shout out. We barely spoke in history. I always thought he was cute. All of a sudden, it was all up on my phone and in my messages.

I was just really mad at that time and frustrated as to why people were being so fake and superficial with me. After talking to him and spilling my heart out, I just started singing, “This superficial love shit got me going crazy. Baby if you want me, then you better need me.” That was the birth of “Superficial Love.”

Take a Listen Below…

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