The Chainsmokers – My Type ft. Emily Warren

“My Type” follows the thoughts of a lover doubting they know their partner, but still loving them, because they can’t control their own emotions.

It’s a song from New York City hitmakers The Chainsmokers’ debut album “Memories…Do Not Open.” The song is expected to release as part of the album release on April 7, 2017 via Columbia Records and Disruptor Records.

“My Type” features vocals by multi-time collaborator Emily Warren. The Chainsmokers posted a snippet of the unreleased song to their Instagram Stories.

We wrote “My Type” with our friends Emily Warren and Britt Burton. Drew found himself saying in the session “I hate to say it but you’re just my type” as we listened to the piano riff on loop. This led us to writing a song around the idea that we can’t help who we fall for. Sometimes we cannot choose who we are attracted to, even if they are bad for us. We have been there many times in our lives and Emily does a beautiful job singing from this perspective about an attraction that is poisonous but addicting.

Take a Listen Below…

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